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Chapter 41.24 RCW

(Formerly Volunteer firefighters' relief and pensions)

RCW Sections

41.24.020Enrollment of firefighters -- Death, disability, retirement benefits.
41.24.023Retired participant may resume volunteer service -- Board approval required.
41.24.030Volunteer firefighters' and reserve officers' relief and pension principal fund created -- Composition -- Investment -- Use -- Treasurer's report.
41.24.035Legal, medical expenses -- May be paid from earnings of the principal fund and administrative fund.
41.24.040Fees, when payable -- Interest -- Effect of nonpayment.
41.24.050Emergency medical technicians or first aid vehicle operators -- Restriction on retirement system membership.
41.24.060Board of trustees -- How constituted.
41.24.070Officers of board -- Record of proceedings -- Forms.
41.24.080Duties of board and state board -- Disbursements.
41.24.100Compelling attendance of witnesses -- Oaths -- Rules and regulations.
41.24.110Reimbursement of physicians and medical staff.
41.24.120Hearing of application for benefits -- Appeal to state board.
41.24.130Quorum -- Vote on allowance of claims.
41.24.140Guardian may be appointed.
41.24.150Disability payments.
41.24.155Vocational rehabilitation -- Purpose -- Costs -- Administration -- Discretion of state board.
41.24.160Death benefits.
41.24.170Retirement pensions.
41.24.1701Purchasing retirement pension coverage -- Criteria.
41.24.172Retirement pensions -- Options -- Election.
41.24.175Disability or retirement payments -- Computation according to latest legislative expression.
41.24.176Disability or retirement payments -- Construction.
41.24.180Lump sum payments.
41.24.185Lump sum payments -- Monthly pension under fifty dollars.
41.24.190Proof of service.
41.24.200Service need not be continuous nor in a single department or agency.
41.24.210Report of accident -- Time limitation for filing report and claim.
41.24.215Injured volunteer -- Recovery from third party.
41.24.220Hospitalization, surgery, etc.
41.24.230Funeral and burial expenses.
41.24.240Benefits not transferable or subject to legal process -- Exceptions -- Chapter not exclusive.
41.24.245Payments to spouse or ex spouse pursuant to court order.
41.24.250State board for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers -- Composition -- Terms -- Vacancies -- Oath.
41.24.260State board for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers -- Meetings -- Quorum.
41.24.270State board for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers -- Compensation -- Travel expenses.
41.24.280State board for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers -- Attorney general is legal advisor.
41.24.290State board for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers -- Powers and duties.
41.24.300State board for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers -- Vouchers, warrants.
41.24.310State board for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers -- Secretary, duties, compensation.
41.24.320State board for volunteer firefighters and reserve officers -- State actuary to provide actuarial services.
41.24.330Emergency medical service districts--Board of trustees--Creation.
41.24.340Emergency medical service districts--Board of trustees--Officers--Annual report.
41.24.400Reserve officers -- Enrollment -- Limitations.
41.24.410Reserve officers -- Credit for service.
41.24.430Reserve officers -- Eligibility for benefit.
41.24.450Reserve officers -- Municipality adoption of relief benefits.
41.24.460Reserve officers -- Board of trustees.
41.24.900Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

     Prior acts relating to volunteer firefighters' relief and pensions: (1) 1935 c 121 (repealed by 1945 c 261 § 27).

     (2) Benefits extended to volunteer firefighters of fire protection districts: 1943 c 137.

Fire protection districts: Title 52 RCW.

Firefighters' relief and pensions: Chapters 41.16, 41.18 RCW.