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RCW 4.44.300

Care of jury while deliberating.

During deliberations, the jury may be allowed to separate unless good cause is shown, on the record, for sequestration of the jury. Unless the members of a deliberating jury are allowed to separate, they must be kept together in a room provided for them, or some other convenient place under the charge of one or more officers, until they agree upon their verdict, or are discharged by the court. The officer shall, to the best of his or her ability, keep the jury separate from other persons. The officer shall not allow any communication to be made to them, nor make any himself or herself, unless by order of the court, except to ask them if they have agreed upon their verdict, and the officer shall not, before the verdict is rendered, communicate to any person the state of their deliberations or the verdict agreed on.
[2003 c 406 § 17; Code 1881 § 229; 1877 p 48 § 233; 1869 p 57 § 233; 1854 p 166 § 194; RRS § 349.]
Rules of court: Cf. CR 47(i), 51(h).
Admonitions to jury, separation: RCW 4.44.280.