Chapter 4.12 RCW


RCW Sections

4.12.010Actions to be commenced where subject is situated.
4.12.020Actions to be tried in county where cause arose.
4.12.025Action to be brought where defendant resides -- Optional venue of actions upon unlawful issuance of check or draft -- Residence of corporations -- Optional venue of actions against corporations.
4.12.030Grounds authorizing change of venue.
4.12.040Prejudice of judge, transfer to another department, visiting judge -- Change of venue generally, criminal cases.
4.12.050Affidavit of prejudice.
4.12.060To what county venue may be changed -- Limitation on number of changes.
4.12.070Change to newly created county.
4.12.080Change by stipulation.
4.12.090Transmission of record on change of venue -- Costs, attorney's fee.
4.12.100Transcript of record entries.
4.12.110Effect of neglect of moving party.
4.12.120Change deemed complete, when.

Rules of court: Venue -- CR 82.

Actions against nonresident motorist: RCW 46.64.040.