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Chapter 4.12 RCW


Actions to be commenced where subject is situated.
Actions to be tried in county where cause arose.
Action to be brought where defendant residesOptional venue of actions upon unlawful issuance of check or draftResidence of corporationsOptional venue of actions against corporations.
Grounds authorizing change of venue.
Prejudice of judge, transfer to another department, visiting judgeChange of venue generally, criminal cases.
Affidavit of prejudice.
To what county venue may be changedLimitation on number of changes.
Change to newly created county.
Change by stipulation.
Transmission of record on change of venueCosts, attorney's fee.
Transcript of record entries.
Effect of neglect of moving party.
Change deemed complete, when.
Rules of court: VenueCR 82.
Actions against nonresident motorist: RCW 46.64.040.