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Chapter 38.52 RCW


RCW Sections

38.52.005State military department to administer emergency management program -- Local organizations authorized to change name.
38.52.020Declaration of policy and purpose.
38.52.030Director -- Comprehensive emergency management plan -- Statewide enhanced 911 emergency communications network -- State coordinator of search and rescue operations -- State program for emergency assistance -- State coordinator for radioactive and hazardous waste emergency response programs.
38.52.037Comprehensive state mine rescue plan -- Submittal to legislature.
38.52.040Emergency management council -- Members -- Ad hoc committees -- Function as state emergency response commission -- Rules review -- Intrastate mutual aid committee.
38.52.050Governor's general powers and duties.
38.52.070Local organizations and joint local organizations authorized -- Establishment, operation -- Emergency powers, procedures.
38.52.080Outside aid -- Rights and liabilities -- Claims.
38.52.091Mutual aid and interlocal agreements -- Requirements.
38.52.100Appropriations -- Acceptance of funds, services, etc.
38.52.105Disaster response account.
38.52.110Use of existing services and facilities -- Impressment of citizenry.
38.52.120Political activity prohibited.
38.52.140Status of civil service employee preserved.
38.52.150Orders, rules, regulations -- Enforcement -- Availability -- Penalty.
38.52.160Matching funds from political subdivision may be required.
38.52.170Plan for federal area.
38.52.180Liability for property damage, bodily injury, death -- Immunity -- Assumption by state -- Indemnification -- Immunity from liability for covered volunteers.
38.52.190Compensation for injury or death -- Chapter exclusive.
38.52.195Exemption from liability while providing construction, equipment, or work.
38.52.1951Application of exemption from liability for architects and engineers.
38.52.198Emergency care, rescue, assistance, or recovery services in mine rescue or recovery work -- Immunity from liability.
38.52.200Liability for compensation is in lieu of other liability -- Exception.
38.52.205Claims arising from emergency management related activities -- Filing -- Contents.
38.52.207Claims arising from emergency management related activities -- Filing -- Consideration, adjustment, settlement, etc., by director -- Effect.
38.52.210Compensation boards -- Established.
38.52.220Compensation boards -- Meetings -- Claims not necessitating board meeting.
38.52.230Compensation boards -- Attendance of witnesses, oaths, rules -- Members uncompensated.
38.52.240Compensation boards -- Duties as to compensation applications.
38.52.250Compensation boards -- Quorum -- Transmittal of minutes, claims -- Appeal to department.
38.52.260When compensation furnished.
38.52.270Minors entitled to benefits.
38.52.280Compensation and benefits limited by appropriation.
38.52.290Applicability of workers' compensation law.
38.52.300Right of action against third party.
38.52.310Coverage, classification, registration, of workers.
38.52.320Schedule of payments.
38.52.330Expenditures authorized -- Claims, payment and disposition -- Appeals.
38.52.340Benefits under other compensation plans.
38.52.350Benefits furnished under federal law -- Reduction of state benefits.
38.52.360Medical, surgical or hospital treatment.
38.52.370Medical, surgical or hospital treatment -- Reimbursement.
38.52.380State compensation denied if payment prevents federal benefits.
38.52.390Contracts or work on cost basis for emergency management activities.
38.52.400Search and rescue activities -- Powers and duties of local officials.
38.52.410Search and rescue activities -- Distribution of funds for compensation and reimbursement of volunteers.
38.52.420Model contingency plan for pollution control facilities and hazardous waste management.
38.52.430Emergency response caused by person's intoxication -- Recovery of costs from convicted person.
38.52.500Statewide enhanced 911 service -- Finding.
38.52.501Statewide enhanced 911 service -- Findings.
38.52.505Statewide enhanced 911 service -- Automatic location identification -- Rules.
38.52.510Statewide enhanced 911 service -- Funding by counties.
38.52.520State enhanced 911 coordination office.
38.52.525State enhanced 911 coordination office -- Public education materials.
38.52.530Enhanced 911 advisory committee (as amended by 2010 1st sp.s. c 7).
38.52.530Enhanced 911 advisory committee (as amended by 2010 1st sp.s. c 19).
38.52.532Enhanced 911 advisory committee -- Annual legislative update.
38.52.535State enhanced 911 coordination office and advisory committee -- Uniform national standards.
38.52.540Enhanced 911 account.
38.52.545Priorities for enhanced 911 funding.
38.52.550Emergency communications systems and information -- Immunity from civil liability.
38.52.561911 calls from radio communications and interconnected voice over internet protocol service companies -- Technical and operational standards.
38.52.900Short title.
38.52.920Repeal and saving.
38.52.930Transfer of powers, duties, and functions to state military department.
38.52.940Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Hazardous materials incidents, handling and liability: RCW 70.136.010 through 70.136.070.