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RCW 35A.21.260

Amateur radio antennas—Local regulation to conform with federal law.

No code city shall enact or enforce an ordinance or regulation that fails to conform to the limited preemption entitled "Amateur Radio Preemption, 101 FCC 2nd 952 (1985)" issued by the federal communications commission. An ordinance or regulation adopted by a code city with respect to amateur radio antennas shall conform to the limited federal preemption, that states local regulations that involve placement, screening, or height of antennas based on health, safety, or aesthetic considerations must be crafted to reasonably accommodate amateur communications, and to represent the minimal practicable regulation to accomplish the local authority's legitimate purpose.
[1994 c 50 § 2.]
Effective date1994 c 50: See note following RCW 35.21.315.