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RCW 31.12.436

Investment of funds—When investment later becomes impermissible.

(1) A credit union may invest its funds in any of the following, as long as the investments are deemed prudent by the board:
(a) Loans held by credit unions, out-of-state credit unions, or federal credit unions; loans to members held by other lenders; and loans to nonmembers held by other lenders, with the approval of the director;
(b) Bonds, securities, or other investments that are fully guaranteed as to principal and interest by the United States government, and general obligations of this state and its political subdivisions;
(c) Obligations issued by corporations designated under 31 U.S.C. Sec. 9101, or obligations, participations or other instruments issued and guaranteed by the federal national mortgage association, federal home loan mortgage corporation, government national mortgage association, or other government-sponsored enterprise;
(d) Participations or obligations which have been subjected by one or more government agencies to a trust or trusts for which an executive department, agency, or instrumentality of the United States has been named to act as trustee;
(e) Share or deposit accounts of other financial institutions, the accounts of which are federally insured or insured or guaranteed by another insurer or guarantor approved by the director. The shares and deposits made by a credit union under this subsection (1)(e) may exceed the insurance or guarantee limits established by the organization insuring or guaranteeing the institution into which the shares or deposits are made;
(f) Common trust or mutual funds whose investment portfolios consist of securities issued or guaranteed by the federal government or an agency of the government;
(g) Up to five percent of the capital of the credit union, in debt or equity issued by an organization owned by the Northwest credit union association or its successor credit union association;
(h) Shares, stocks, loans, or other obligations of organizations whose primary purpose is to strengthen, advance, or provide services to the credit union industry or credit union members. A credit union may invest in or make loans to organizations under this subsection (1)(h) in an aggregate amount not to exceed five percent of its assets. This limit does not apply to investments in, and loans to, an organization:
(i) That is wholly owned by one or more credit unions or federal or out-of-state credit unions; and
(ii) Whose activities are limited exclusively to those authorized by this chapter for a credit union;
(i) Loans to credit unions, out-of-state credit unions, or federal credit unions. However, the aggregate of loans issued under this subsection (1)(i) is limited to twenty-five percent of the total shares and deposits of the credit union making the loans;
(j) Key person insurance policies and investment products related to employee benefits, the proceeds of which inure exclusively to the benefit of the credit union;
(k) A registered investment company or collective investment fund, as long as the prospectus of the company or fund restricts the investment portfolio to investments and investment transactions that are permissible for credit unions; or
(l) Other investments approved by the director upon written application.
(2) If a credit union has lawfully made an investment that later becomes impermissible because of a change in circumstances or law, and the director finds that this investment will have an adverse effect on the safety and soundness of the credit union, then the director may require that the credit union develop a reasonable plan for the divestiture of the investment.
FindingsConstruction1994 c 256: See RCW 43.320.007.
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