Chapter 29A.24 RCW


RCW Sections

29A.24.010Officials to designate position numbers, when -- Effect.
29A.24.020Designation of short terms, full terms, and unexpired terms -- Filing declarations -- Election to both short and full terms.
29A.24.031Declaration of candidacy.
29A.24.040Declaration of candidacy -- Electronic filing.
29A.24.050Declaration of candidacy -- Certain offices, when filed.
29A.24.060Candidates' names -- Nicknames.
29A.24.070Declaration of candidacy -- Where filed -- Copy to public disclosure commission.
29A.24.072Preservation of declarations of candidacy.
29A.24.075Qualifications for filing, appearance on ballot.
29A.24.081Declaration--Filing by mail.
29A.24.091Declaration--Fees and petitions.
29A.24.101Filing fee petition--Form.
29A.24.111Petitions--Rejection--Acceptance, canvass of signatures--Judicial review.
29A.24.131Withdrawal of candidacy.
29A.24.141Void in candidacy.
29A.24.171Vacancies in office.
29A.24.181Regular filing period -- Voids in candidacy.
29A.24.191Scheduled election lapses, when.
29A.24.201Lapse of election when no filing for single positions--Effect.
29A.24.220Void in candidacy for water-sewer districts -- Fewer than one hundred residents.
29A.24.311Write-in voting--Candidates, declaration.
29A.24.320Write-in candidates -- Notice to auditors, ballot counters.