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RCW 28C.18.050

Board designation and functions for federal purposes—Monitoring state plans for consistency.

(1) The board shall be designated as the state board of vocational education as provided for in P.L. 98-524, as amended, and shall perform such functions as is necessary to comply with federal directives pertaining to the provisions of such law.
(2) The board shall perform the functions of the human resource investment council as provided for in the federal job training partnership act, P.L. 97-300, as amended.
(3) The board shall provide policy advice for any federal act pertaining to workforce development that is not required by state or federal law to be provided by another state body.
(4) Upon enactment of new federal initiatives relating to workforce development, the board shall advise the governor and the legislature on mechanisms for integrating the federal initiatives into the state's workforce development system and make recommendations on the legislative or administrative measures necessary to streamline and coordinate state efforts to meet federal guidelines.
(5) The board shall monitor for consistency with the state comprehensive plan for workforce training and education the policies and plans established by the state job training coordinating council, the advisory council on adult education, and the Washington state plan for adult basic education, and provide guidance for making such policies and plans consistent with the state comprehensive plan for workforce training and education.
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