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RCW 28B.15.610

Voluntary fees of students.

The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to or affect any student fee or charge which the students voluntarily maintain upon themselves for student purposes only. Students are authorized to create or increase voluntary student fees for each academic year when passed by a majority vote of the student government or its equivalent, or referendum presented to the student body or such other process that has been adopted under this section. Notwithstanding RCW 42.17A.635 (2) and (3), voluntary student fees imposed under this section and services and activities fees may be used for lobbying by a student government association or its equivalent and may also be used to support a statewide or national student organization or its equivalent that may engage in lobbying.
[2011 c 60 § 11; 2009 c 179 § 1; 1969 ex.s. c 223 § 28B.15.610. Prior: 1915 c 66 § 8; RRS § 4552. Formerly RCW 28.77.065.]
Effective date2011 c 60: See RCW 42.17A.919.