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Chapter 28B.115 RCW


RCW Sections

28B.115.010Legislative findings.
28B.115.030Program established -- Duties of office.
28B.115.040Technical assistance for rural communities.
28B.115.050Planning committee -- Criteria for selecting participants.
28B.115.070Eligible credentialed health care professions -- Health professional shortage areas.
28B.115.080Annual award amount -- Scholarship preferences -- Required service obligations.
28B.115.090Loan repayment and scholarship awards.
28B.115.100Discrimination by participants prohibited -- Violation.
28B.115.110Participant obligation -- Repayment obligation -- Appeals from determinations.
28B.115.120Participant obligation -- Scholarships -- Appeals.
28B.115.130Health professional loan repayment and scholarship program fund.
28B.115.140Transfer of program administration.
28B.115.150Osteopathic or allopathic medical student clinical rotations.
28B.115.155Osteopathic or allopathic medical student clinical rotations -- Foreign medical schools.
28B.115.900Effective date -- 1989 1st ex.s. c 9.
28B.115.902Application to scope of chapter -- Captions not law -- 1991 c 332.

Maternity care provider loan repayment: RCW 74.09.820.