Chapter 28B.04 RCW


RCW Sections

28B.04.010Short title.
28B.04.020Legislative findings -- Purpose.
28B.04.040Multipurpose service centers -- Contracts for -- Rules embodying standards for -- Funds for.
28B.04.050Multipurpose service centers -- Referral to services by -- Displaced homemakers as staff.
28B.04.060Contracting for specific programs.
28B.04.080Consultation and cooperation with other agencies -- Agency report of available services and funds therefor -- Board as clearinghouse for information and resources.
28B.04.090Considerations when awarding contracts.
28B.04.100Percentage of funding for centers or program to be provided by administering organization.
28B.04.110Acceptance and use of contributions authorized -- Qualifications.
28B.04.120Discrimination prohibited.