Chapter 27.20 RCW


Library part of judicial branch.
State law librarian and assistantsAppointment, tenure, compensation.
Duties of law librarian.

Library part of judicial branch.

The state law library shall be a part of the judicial branch of state government and shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction and control of the supreme court.
Committee abolished: "The state law library committee is hereby abolished." [ 1959 c 188 § 5.] Provisions relating to the state law library committee were formerly codified in chapter 43.36 RCW but were repealed by 1959 c 188 § 6.

State law librarian and assistants—Appointment, tenure, compensation.

The supreme court shall appoint a state law librarian, who may be removed at its pleasure. The librarian shall receive such compensation only as shall be fixed by the court.
The court may also appoint and fix the salaries of such assistants and clerical personnel as may be required.
Rules of court: SAR 18.

Duties of law librarian.

The duties of the state law librarian shall be as prescribed by statute and by rules of court.
Duties of state law librarian relative to session laws, legislative journals and supreme court reports: Chapter 40.04 RCW.
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