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Chapter 27.12 RCW


RCW Sections

27.12.020Policy of state.
27.12.030Libraries, how established.
27.12.040Rural library districts -- Establishment -- Proposed maximum levy rate.
27.12.050Rural library districts -- Board of library trustees -- Tax levies.
27.12.060Rural library districts -- General powers.
27.12.070Rural county library districts or rural partial-county library districts -- Disbursement of revenues and collection of taxes.
27.12.079Disincorporation of district located in county with a population of two hundred ten thousand or more and inactive for five years.
27.12.080Regional libraries.
27.12.090Intercounty rural library districts -- Establishment.
27.12.100Intercounty rural library districts -- Establishment -- Procedure.
27.12.110Intercounty rural library districts -- Expansion of existing districts.
27.12.120Intercounty rural library districts -- Assumption of property, assets, liabilities.
27.12.130Intercounty rural library districts -- Board of trustees.
27.12.140Intercounty rural library districts -- Name may be adopted.
27.12.150Intercounty rural library districts -- Tax levies.
27.12.160Intercounty rural library districts -- District treasurer.
27.12.170Intercounty rural library districts -- Powers of board -- Procedures.
27.12.180Contracts for library service.
27.12.190Library trustees -- Appointment, election, removal, compensation.
27.12.210Library trustees -- Organization -- Bylaws -- Powers and duties.
27.12.212Community revitalization financing -- Public improvements.
27.12.215Job recruitment expenditures authorized.
27.12.220Rural, island, and intercounty rural districts -- Budget for capital outlays -- Accumulation of funds.
27.12.222Rural, island, and intercounty rural districts -- General obligation bonds -- Excess levies.
27.12.223Bonds -- Sale -- Security for deposit.
27.12.240Annual appropriations -- Control of expenditures.
27.12.260Annual report of trustees.
27.12.270Rules and regulations -- Free use of libraries.
27.12.280Use by nonresidents -- Exchange of books.
27.12.285Library services for Indian tribes.
27.12.290Violators may be excluded.
27.12.300Gifts -- Title to property.
27.12.305Sale of library materials authorized -- Disposition of proceeds.
27.12.310Charter provisions superseded.
27.12.320Dissolution -- Disposition of property.
27.12.321School district public libraries abolished -- Disposition of assets.
27.12.330Penalty for injury to property.
27.12.340Wilfully retaining books -- Infraction.
27.12.350Executory conditional sales contracts for purchase of property -- Limit on indebtedness -- Election, when.
27.12.355Rural county library district, island library district, or intercounty rural library district -- Withdrawal or reannexation of areas.
27.12.360Annexation of city or town into rural county library district, island library district, or intercounty rural library district -- Initiation procedure.
27.12.370Annexation of city or town into library district -- Special election procedure.
27.12.380Annexation of city or town into library district -- Withdrawal of annexed city or town.
27.12.390Annexation of city or town into library district -- Tax levies.
27.12.395Annexation of city or town into library district -- Assumption of liabilities.
27.12.400Island library districts -- Establishment -- Procedure.
27.12.410Island library districts -- Restrictions on establishment.
27.12.420Island library districts -- Board of trustees -- Tax levies.
27.12.430Island library districts -- Name may be adopted.
27.12.440Island library districts -- Powers and limitations for indebtedness.
27.12.450Island library districts -- Dissolution, when.
27.12.470Rural partial-county library districts.

Certain library records exempt from public inspection: RCW 42.56.310.

Librarians -- Qualifications and certification: RCW 27.04.055.

Rural library district regular property tax levy: RCW 84.52.063.

Special purpose districts, expenditures to recruit job candidates: RCW 42.24.170.