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Chapter 26.50 RCW


RCW Sections

26.50.020Commencement of action -- Jurisdiction -- Venue.
26.50.021Actions on behalf of vulnerable adults -- Authority of department of social and health services -- Immunity from liability.
26.50.025Orders under this chapter and chapter 26.09, 26.10, or 26.26 RCW -- Enforcement -- Consolidation.
26.50.030Petition for an order for protection -- Availability of forms and informational brochures -- Bond not required.
26.50.035Development of instructions, informational brochures, forms, and handbook by the administrative office of the courts -- Community resource list -- Distribution of master copy.
26.50.040Fees not permitted -- Filing, service of process, certified copies.
26.50.050Hearing -- Service -- Time.
26.50.055Appointment of interpreter.
26.50.060Relief -- Duration -- Realignment of designation of parties -- Award of costs, service fees, and attorneys' fees.
26.50.070Ex parte temporary order for protection.
26.50.080Issuance of order -- Assistance of peace officer -- Designation of appropriate law enforcement agency.
26.50.085Hearing reset after ex parte order -- Service by publication -- Circumstances.
26.50.090Order -- Service -- Fees.
26.50.095Order following service by publication.
26.50.100Order -- Transmittal to law enforcement agency -- Record in law enforcement information system -- Enforceability.
26.50.110Violation of order -- Penalties.
26.50.115Enforcement of ex parte order -- Knowledge of order prerequisite to penalties -- Reasonable efforts to serve copy of order.
26.50.120Violation of order -- Prosecuting attorney or attorney for municipality may be requested to assist -- Costs and attorney's fee.
26.50.123Service by mail.
26.50.125Service by publication or mailing -- Costs.
26.50.130Order for protection -- Modification or termination -- Service -- Transmittal.
26.50.135Residential placement or custody of a child -- Prerequisite.
26.50.140Peace officers -- Immunity.
26.50.150Domestic violence perpetrator programs.
26.50.160Judicial information system -- Database.
26.50.165Judicial information system -- Names of adult cohabitants in third-party custody actions.
26.50.200Title to real estate -- Effect.
26.50.210Proceedings additional.
26.50.220Parenting plan -- Designation of parent for other state and federal purposes.
26.50.230Protection order against person with a disability, brain injury, or impairment.
26.50.240Personal jurisdiction -- Nonresident individuals.
26.50.250Disclosure of information.
26.50.800Recidivism study.
26.50.900Short title.
26.50.901Effective date -- 1984 c 263.
26.50.902Severability -- 1984 c 263.
26.50.903Severability -- 1992 c 111.

Abuse of children: Chapter 26.44 RCW.

Arrest without warrant: RCW 10.31.100(2).

Dissolution of marriage: Chapter 26.09 RCW.

Domestic violence, official response: Chapter 10.99 RCW.

Nonparental actions for child custody: Chapter 26.10 RCW.

Shelters for victims of domestic violence: Chapter 70.123 RCW.