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Chapter 26.33 RCW


RCW Sections

26.33.030Petitions -- Place of filing -- Consolidation of petitions and hearings.
26.33.040Petitions -- Application of federal Indian child welfare act -- Requirements -- Federal servicemembers civil relief act statement and findings.
26.33.045Delay or denial of adoption on basis of race, color, or national origin prohibited -- Consideration in placement -- Exception -- Training.
26.33.050Validity of consents, relinquishments, or orders of termination from other jurisdictions -- Burden of proof.
26.33.060Hearings -- Procedure -- Witnesses.
26.33.070Appointment of guardian ad litem -- When required -- Payment of fees.
26.33.080Petition for relinquishment -- Filing -- Written consent required.
26.33.090Petition for relinquishment -- Hearing -- Temporary custody order -- Notice -- Order of relinquishment.
26.33.100Petition for termination -- Who may file -- Contents -- Time.
26.33.110Petition for termination -- Time and place of hearing -- Notice of hearing and petition -- Contents.
26.33.120Termination -- Grounds -- Failure to appear.
26.33.130Termination order -- Effect.
26.33.140Who may adopt or be adopted.
26.33.150Petition for adoption--Filing--Contents--Preplacement report required.
26.33.160Consent to adoption -- When revocable -- Procedure.
26.33.170Consent to adoption--When not required.
26.33.180Preplacement report required before placement with adoptive parents -- Exception.
26.33.190Preplacement report -- Requirements -- Fees.
26.33.200Post-placement report--Requirements--Exception--Fees.
26.33.210Preplacement or post-placement report -- Department or agency may make report.
26.33.220Preplacement and post-placement reports -- When not required.
26.33.230Notice of proceedings at which preplacement reports considered -- Contents -- Proof of service -- Appearance -- Waiver.
26.33.240Petition for adoption -- Hearing -- Notice -- Disposition.
26.33.250Decree of adoption -- Determination of place and date of birth.
26.33.260Decree of adoption -- Effect -- Accelerated appeal -- Limited grounds to challenge -- Intent.
26.33.270Decree of adoption -- Protection of certain rights and benefits.
26.33.280Decree of adoption -- Transmittal to state registrar of vital statistics.
26.33.290Decree of adoption -- Duties of state registrar of vital statistics.
26.33.295Open adoption agreements -- Agreed orders -- Enforcement.
26.33.300Adoption statistical data.
26.33.310Notice -- Requirements -- Waiver.
26.33.320Adoption of hard to place children -- Court's consideration of state's agreement with prospective adoptive parents.
26.33.330Records sealed -- Inspection -- Fee.
26.33.340Department, agency, and court files confidential -- Limited disclosure of information.
26.33.343Search for birth parent or adopted child -- Confidential intermediary.
26.33.345Search for birth parent or adopted child -- Limited release of information--Noncertified copies of original birth certificate -- Contact preference form.
26.33.347Consent or refusal to release adoptee's identifying information--Desire to be contacted--Certified statement.
26.33.350Medical reports -- Requirements.
26.33.360Petition by natural parent to set aside adoption -- Costs -- Time limit.
26.33.370Permanent care and custody of a child -- Assumption, relinquishment, or transfer except by court order or statute, when prohibited -- Penalty.
26.33.380Family and social history report required -- Identity of birth parents confidential.
26.33.385Standards for locating records and information -- Rules.
26.33.390Information on adoption-related services.
26.33.400Advertisements--Prohibitions--Exceptions--Application of consumer protection act.
26.33.420Postadoption contact between siblings -- Intent -- Findings.
26.33.430Postadoption contact between siblings -- Duty of court.
26.33.900Effective date -- Application -- 1984 c 155.
26.33.901Severability -- 1984 c 155.
26.33.902Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.
26.33.903Construction -- Religious or nonprofit organizations.

Child selling and child buying, class C felony: RCW 9A.64.030.

Dependent and delinquent children: Title 13 RCW.

Descent and distribution -- Adopted children: Chapter 11.04 RCW.

Paternity, determination: Chapter 26.26 RCW.

Welfare agencies for children: Title 13 RCW.