Chapter 24.03 RCW


Standards for electronic filingRules.
Records submitted for filingExact or conformed copies.
Notice by electronic transmissionConsent requiredWhen effective.
Corporation may elect to have chapter apply to itProcedure.
Articles of incorporation.
Filing false statementsPenalty.
General powers.
Defense of ultra vires.
Indemnification of agents of any corporation authorized.
Corporate name.
Reservation of exclusive right to use a corporate name.
Registration of corporate name.
Renewal of registration of corporate name.
Registered office and registered agent.
Change of registered office or registered agent.
Service of process on corporation.
MembersMember committees.
Meetings of members and committees of members.
Notice of members' meetings.
Board of directors.
Number and election or appointment of directors.
Removal of directors.
Judicial removal of directors.
Quorum of directors.
Assent presumedProcedures for dissent or abstention.
Place and notice of directors' meetings.
Duties of a director.
Removal of officers.
Required documents in the form of a recordInspectionCopying.
Loans to directors and officers prohibited.
Filing of articles of incorporation.
Effect of filing the articles of incorporation.
Organization meetings.
Right to amend articles of incorporation.
Procedure to amend articles of incorporation.
Articles of amendment.
Filing of articles of amendment.
Effect of filing of articles of amendment.
Restated articles of incorporation.
Procedure for merger.
Procedure for consolidation.
Approval of merger or consolidation.
Articles of merger or consolidation.
Merger or consolidationWhen effective.
Merger or consolidation of domestic and foreign corporation.
Effect of merger or consolidation.
Sale, lease, exchange, or other disposition of assets not in the ordinary course of business.
Sale, lease, exchange, or disposition of assets in course of businessMortgage and pledge of assets.
Voluntary dissolution.
Distribution of assets.
Plan of distribution.
Revocation of voluntary dissolution proceedings.
Articles of dissolution.
Filing of articles of dissolution.
Involuntary dissolution.
Notification to attorney general.
Venue and process.
Dissolution of a nonprofit corporationSuperior courts.
Dissolution of a nonprofit corporationVenueProceedingsCourt's authorityDistribution of assets.
Dissolution of a nonprofit corporationDecree.
Filing of decree of dissolution.
Survival of remedy after dissolutionExtension of duration of corporation.
Administrative dissolutionGroundsNoticeReinstatementFee set by ruleCorporate nameSurvival of actions.
Administrative dissolution or revocation of a certificate of authorityCorporation name not distinguishable from name of governmental entityApplication by governmental entity.
Reinstatement under certain circumstancesRequest for relief.
Admission of foreign corporation.
Foreign degree-granting institution branch campusActs not deemed transacting business in state.
Powers of foreign corporation.
Corporate name of foreign corporationFictitious name.
Change of name by foreign corporation.
Application for certificate of authority.
Filing of application for certificate of authority.
Certificate of authority as insurance companyFiling of records.
Certificate of authority as insurance companyRegistration or reservation of name.
Effect of certificate of authority.
Registered office and registered agent of foreign corporation.
Change of registered office or registered agent of foreign corporation.
Service on foreign corporation.
Merger of foreign corporation authorized to conduct affairs in this state.
Amended certificate of authority.
Withdrawal of foreign corporation.
Filing of application for withdrawal.
Revocation of certificate of authorityNotice.
Issuance of certificate of revocation.
Foreign corporationsApplication for reinstatement.
Foreign corporationsFees for application for reinstatementFiling current annual reportPenalties established by rule.
Conducting affairs without certificate of authority.
Annual report of domestic and foreign corporationsBiennial filing may be authorized.
Filing of annual or biennial report of domestic and foreign corporationsNoticeReporting dates.
Fees for filing documents and issuing certificates.
Miscellaneous fees.
Disposition of fees.
Fees for services by secretary of state.
Penalties imposed upon corporation.
Penalties imposed upon directors and officers.
Interrogatories by secretary of state.
Confidential nature of information disclosed by interrogatories.
Power and authority of secretary of state.
Appeal from disapproval of secretary of state.
Certificates and certified copies to be received in evidence.
Greater voting requirements.
Waiver of notice.
Action by members or directors without a meeting.
Unauthorized assumption of corporate powers.
Postsecondary education loansInterest rates.
Public benefit nonprofit corporation designation established.
Public benefit nonprofit corporationsTemporary designation.
Public benefit nonprofit corporationsApplication.
Public benefit nonprofit corporationsRenewal.
Public benefit nonprofit corporationsFees.
Public benefit nonprofit corporationsRemoval of status.
Short title.
Savings1967 c 235.
Severability1967 c 235.
Notice to existing corporations.
Effective date1967 c 235.
Organization of condominium unit owners' association: RCW 64.34.300.
Revolving fund of secretary of state, deposit of moneys for costs of carrying out secretary of state's functions under this chapter: RCW 43.07.130.