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Chapter 2.56 RCW


RCW Sections

2.56.010Office created -- Appointment of administrator.
2.56.020Appointment, compensation of assistants -- Administrator, assistants not to practice law.
2.56.030Powers and duties.
2.56.031Juvenile offender information -- Plan.
2.56.040Distribution of work of courts by chief justice.
2.56.050Judges, clerks, other officers, to comply with requests of administrator.
2.56.060Annual conference of judges -- Judge's expenses.
2.56.070Holding court in another county -- Reimbursement for expenses.
2.56.080Chapter applies to supreme and superior courts, court of appeals, and courts of limited jurisdiction.
2.56.090Disbursement of appropriated funds.
2.56.110Driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drug -- Enhanced enforcement of related laws -- Assignment of visiting district judges -- Powers, expenses.
2.56.120Judicial impact notes -- Establishment of procedure -- Legislator may request -- Copies to be filed.
2.56.130Juvenile laws and court processes and procedures -- Informational materials.
2.56.140Disposition of school attendance violation petitions -- Report.
2.56.150Review of mandatory use of court-appointed special advocates as guardians ad litem, certification of guardians ad litem.
2.56.160Processing of warrants pilot program.
2.56.170Judge pro tempore appointments.
2.56.180Family law handbook.
2.56.190Legal financial obligations -- Collection--Distribution of funds.
2.56.200Performance audits.
2.56.210Court access and accommodations coordinator -- Duties.
2.56.220Family and juvenile court improvement grant program -- Creation -- Purpose.
2.56.230Family and juvenile court improvement grant program -- Application process -- Program standards.
2.56.240Reconciling duplicate or conflicting no-contact or protection orders.
2.56.250Revocation of concealed pistol licenses -- Information transmittal -- Work group.
2.56.900Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.

Best practices model for relicensing diversion programs, develop recommendations for: RCW 46.20.341.