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Chapter 19.29A RCW


RCW Sections

19.29A.005Findings -- Intent.
19.29A.020Disclosures to retail electric customers.
19.29A.030Notice of disclosures to retail electric customers.
19.29A.040Exceptions for small utility -- Voluntary compliance.
19.29A.050Annual fuel mix information -- Disclosure label -- Requirements.
19.29A.060Fuel mix disclosure -- Electricity product categories -- Disclosure format.
19.29A.070Actions required of department -- Convene work group -- Report to legislature.
19.29A.080Electricity information coordinator -- Selection -- Regional entity serving as coordinator, requirements -- Retail supplier's information.
19.29A.090Voluntary option to purchase qualified alternative energy resources -- Rates, terms, and conditions -- Information maintenance.
19.29A.900Construction -- 1998 c 300.
19.29A.901Severability -- 1998 c 300.