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Chapter 19.285 RCW


RCW Sections

19.285.020Declaration of policy.
19.285.040Energy conservation and renewable energy targets.
19.285.045Energy conservation and renewable energy targets -- Analysis and advisory opinion.
19.285.050Resource costs.
19.285.060Accountability and enforcement -- Energy independence act special account.
19.285.070Reporting and public disclosure.
19.285.080Rule making.
19.285.900Construction -- 2007 c 1 (Initiative Measure No. 937).
19.285.901Severability -- 2007 c 1 (Initiative Measure No. 937).
19.285.902Short title -- 2007 c 1 (Initiative Measure No. 937).
19.285.903Captions not law -- 2007 c 1 (Initiative Measure No. 937).