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Chapter 19.182 RCW


RCW Sections

19.182.005Findings -- Declaration.
19.182.020Consumer report -- Furnishing -- Procuring.
19.182.030Consumer report -- Credit action not initiated by consumer -- Exclusion by consumer.
19.182.040Consumer report -- Prohibited information -- Exceptions.
19.182.050Investigative consumer report -- Procurement, preparation -- Disclosure -- Use -- Liability -- Record.
19.182.060Consumer report -- Procedures for compliance -- Information for governmental agency -- Record.
19.182.070Disclosures to consumer.
19.182.080Disclosures to consumer -- Procedures.
19.182.090Consumer file -- Dispute -- Procedure -- Notice -- Statement of dispute -- Toll-free information number.
19.182.100Consumer reporting agency -- Consumer fees and charges for required information -- Exceptions.
19.182.110Adverse action based on report -- Procedure -- Notice.
19.182.120Limitation on action -- Exception.
19.182.130Obtaining information under false pretenses -- Penalty.
19.182.140Provision of information to unauthorized person -- Penalty.
19.182.150Application of consumer protection act -- Limitation -- Awards -- Penalties -- Attorneys' fees.
19.182.160Block of information appearing as result of identity theft.
19.182.170Victim of identity theft -- Security freeze.
19.182.180Security freeze--Changes to information -- Written confirmation required.
19.182.190Security freeze--RCW 19.182.170 not applicable to certain consumer reporting agencies.
19.182.200Security freeze--Exempt entities.
19.182.210Information furnished to a governmental agency.
19.182.900Short title -- 1993 c 476.
19.182.901Severability -- 1993 c 476.
19.182.902Effective date -- 1993 c 476.