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Chapter 19.138 RCW

(Formerly Travel charter and tour operators)

RCW Sections

19.138.010Legislative finding and declaration.
19.138.030Advertising -- Restrictions -- Records.
19.138.040Written statement by seller of travel -- Contents.
19.138.050Cancellation -- Refund -- Material misrepresentation -- Exception.
19.138.090Application of chapter to public charter operators.
19.138.100Registration -- Number posting, use -- Duplicates -- Fee -- Assignment, transfer -- New owner -- Exemption.
19.138.110Registration -- Application -- Form -- Rules -- Report.
19.138.120Registration -- Renewal -- Refusal -- Notice -- Hearing.
19.138.130Unprofessional conduct--Grounds -- Registration -- Revocation and reinstatement--Support order, noncompliance.
19.138.140Trust account -- Filing -- Notice of change -- Other funds or accounts -- Rules -- Exceptions.
19.138.150Standard of duties, care.
19.138.160Nonresident seller of travel -- Director as attorney if none appointed -- Service of process -- Notice.
19.138.170Director -- Powers and duties.
19.138.1701Reimbursement of appropriated funds -- Fees.
19.138.180Director -- Investigations -- Publication of violation.
19.138.200Director or individuals acting on director's behalf -- Immunity.
19.138.240Violations -- Civil penalties -- Failure to pay.
19.138.250Violation -- Restitution assessed by director.
19.138.260Registration prerequisite to suit.
19.138.270Violations -- Giving false information -- Criminal penalties.
19.138.280Action for damages -- Costs, attorneys' fees -- No limitation of consumer protection act.
19.138.290Violations -- Application of consumer protection act.
19.138.310Filing public records -- Making information public for public interest.
19.138.320Contract for sale of travel-related benefits -- Cancellation -- Process -- Seven calendar days -- Written disclosure required.
19.138.330Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
19.138.340Restrictions regarding promoting prostitution, commercial sexual abuse of a minor, or other commercial sex acts.
19.138.900Severability -- 1986 c 283.
19.138.901Effective date -- 1986 c 283.
19.138.902Severability -- 1994 c 237.
19.138.903Effective date -- 1994 c 237.
19.138.904Implementation -- 1994 c 237.