Chapter 18.92 RCW


RCW Sections

18.92.010Veterinary practice defined.
18.92.012Authority to dispense legend drugs prescribed by other veterinarians.
18.92.013Dispensing of drugs by registered or licensed personnel.
18.92.021Veterinary board of governors -- Appointment, qualifications, terms, officers -- Quorum.
18.92.030General duties of board.
18.92.035Board to certify successful examinees.
18.92.040Compensation and travel expenses of board members.
18.92.046Application of uniform disciplinary act.
18.92.047Impaired veterinarian program -- Content -- License surcharge.
18.92.051Compliance with chapter required.
18.92.060Licensing exemptions.
18.92.070Applications -- Procedure -- Qualifications -- Eligibility to take examination.
18.92.100Examinations -- Time of -- Subjects -- Manner.
18.92.115Reexamination -- Fee.
18.92.120License -- Temporary certificates, restrictions.
18.92.125Veterinary technicians or veterinary medication clerks.
18.92.128Veterinary technician license -- Rules.
18.92.130License -- Reciprocity with other states -- Fee.
18.92.135License to practice specialized veterinary medicine.
18.92.140License -- Procedures, requirements, fees.
18.92.145License, certificates of registration, permit, examination, and renewal fees.
18.92.150License -- Display.
18.92.230Use of another's license or diploma a felony.
18.92.240Violations generally -- Penalty.
18.92.250Intent -- Veterinary services -- Low-income households.
18.92.260Animal care societies/nonprofit humane societies -- Low-income households -- License required -- Rule-making authority -- Uniform disciplinary act -- Registration -- Fees.
18.92.900Severability -- 1941 c 71.

Duty of veterinarians to report diseases: RCW 16.36.080.