Chapter 18.64 RCW


RCW Sections

18.64.001Pharmacy quality assurance commission -- Creation -- Membership -- Oath--Vacancies.
18.64.003Commission -- Meetings -- Chairperson -- Compensation and travel expenses.
18.64.005Commission -- Powers and duties.
18.64.009Department of health -- Enforcement employees declared to be peace officers -- Authority.
18.64.020Licensing required.
18.64.040Examination fee.
18.64.043Pharmacy license -- Fee -- Display -- Declaration of ownership and location -- Penalties.
18.64.044Shopkeeper's registration -- Penalty--Ephedrine/pseudoephedrine/phenylpropanolamine.
18.64.045Manufacturer's license -- Fees -- Display -- Declaration of ownership and location -- Penalties.
18.64.046Wholesaler's license -- Required -- Authority of licensee -- Penalty--Ephedrine/pseudoephedrine/phenylpropanolamine.
18.64.047Itinerant vendor's or peddler's registration -- Fee -- Penalties--Ephedrine/pseudoephedrine/phenylpropanolamine.
18.64.050Duplicate for lost or destroyed license or certificate -- Certified documents -- Fees.
18.64.080Licensing of pharmacists -- Registration of interns -- Prerequisites -- Examinations -- Reciprocity -- Fees -- Renewal.
18.64.140License -- Fees -- Display -- Inactive license.
18.64.160Disciplinary action against pharmacist's and intern's licenses -- Grounds.
18.64.163Uniform Disciplinary Act.
18.64.165Refusal, suspension, and revocation of other licenses.
18.64.200Refusal, suspension, and revocation of other licenses -- Appeal procedure.
18.64.205Retired active license status.
18.64.245Prescription records--Penalty.
18.64.246Prescriptions -- Labels -- Cover or cap to meet safety standards--Penalty.
18.64.250Unlawful practices -- Penalty for violations -- Exceptions.
18.64.255Authorized practices.
18.64.257Prescription of legend drugs by dialysis programs.
18.64.270Responsibility for drug purity -- Compounding -- Adulteration -- Penalty.
18.64.275Limitations on liability for dispensing of prescription.
18.64.280General penalty.
18.64.310Department of health -- Powers and duties.
18.64.350Nonresident pharmacies -- Findings.
18.64.360Nonresident pharmacies -- Definition -- Requirements -- Exemption--Reciprocity with Canadian pharmacies.
18.64.370Nonresident pharmacies -- License required -- Application -- Renewal.
18.64.380Nonresident pharmacies -- Information required -- Inspection.
18.64.390Nonresident pharmacies -- Violations -- Penalties.
18.64.400Nonresident pharmacies -- Definition -- Advertising.
18.64.410Nonresident pharmacies -- Rules.
18.64.420Nonresident pharmacies -- Information confidential -- Exceptions.
18.64.430Cost disclosure to health care providers.
18.64.450Health care entity -- License requirements for legend drugs and controlled substances -- Exception.
18.64.460Health care entity -- License fee -- Requirements -- Penalty.
18.64.470Health care entity -- Records.
18.64.480Waiver request to allow importation of prescription drugs from Canada.
18.64.490Waiver request to authorize the state to license Canadian, United Kingdom, Irish, and other nondomestic prescription drug wholesalers under RCW 18.64.046--Implementation--Rules.
18.64.500Tamper-resistant prescription pads or paper.
18.64.510Limitation on authority to regulate or establish standards regarding a jail.
18.64.520Dispensing of drug other than controlled substance -- Supply limit.
18.64.900Severability -- 1923 c 180.
18.64.910Severability -- 1935 c 98.
18.64.911Severability -- 1963 c 38.
18.64.920Repealer -- 1935 c 98.

AIDS education and training: Chapter 70.24 RCW.

Authority of pharmacy quality assurance commission to regulate packaging of drugs and cosmetics under poison prevention act: RCW 70.106.150.

Dentists, filling prescriptions issued by: RCW 18.32.685.

Drugs and cosmetics: Chapter 69.04 RCW.

Health professions account -- Fees credited -- Requirements for biennial budget request -- Unappropriated funds: RCW 43.70.320.

Licensee and registrant requirements regarding ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or phenylpropanolamine: RCW 69.43.160.

Poisons and dangerous drugs, dispensing and sale: Chapter 69.40 RCW.

Rebating by vendors of medical supplies prohibited: Chapter 19.68 RCW.

Regulation of practice of medicine and surgery, sale of drugs and medicines: State Constitution Art. 20 ยง 2.

Unlawful to refill trademarked containers: RCW 19.76.110.