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Chapter 18.39 RCW


License required.
Applicant for license as funeral director or embalmerEligibility.
College course requirements.
ExaminationsApplicationsNoticePassing gradesRetake of examination.
InternsRegistrationRenewalNotice of terminationFees.
Academic interns.
LicensesApplicants from other statesExamination.
Funeral establishment licenseIssuanceRequirementsTransferabilityExpiration.
License lapseReinstatementFeeReexamination.
Inspector of funeral establishments, crematories, directors, and embalmersAppointmentEligibilityTermPowers and duties.
Funeral and cemetery boardMembershipAppointmentQualificationsTermsVacanciesOfficersQuorum.
BoardDuties and responsibilitiesRules.
Powers and duties of director.
Pricing information to be givenBilling "cash advanced" items.
EmbalmersAuthorization to embalmInformation requiredImmediate care of bodyWaiverPenalty.
License or endorsement required for cremationPenalty.
Unlawful business practicesPenalty.
Prohibited advice and transactionsExceptionsRulesPenalty.
Prearrangement funeral service contractsLicense required.
Prearrangement contractsTrustsRefunds.
Prearrangement contractsInsurance fundedRequirements.
Prearrangement contractsCertificates of registration requiredException.
Prearrangement contractsRegistration qualifications.
Prearrangement contractsApplication for registration.
Prearrangement contractsRegistrationRenewalFeesDisposition.
Grounds for disciplinary action.
Prearrangement contractsAnnual financial statementFailure to file.
Prearrangement contract formsApproval requiredGrounds for disapproval.
Prearrangement trustExamination by board.
ViolationsPenaltyConsumer protectionRetail installment contracts.
Fraternal or benevolent organizations and labor unions excepted.
Prearrangement service contractsAbandoned trusts.
Unprofessional conduct.
Complaint to boardSubmittalDeterminationInvestigationImmunity of complainant.
Findings of factOrderNoticeReport.
License suspensionNonpayment or default on educational loan or scholarship.
License suspensionNoncompliance with support orderReissuance.
Certificates of removal registration.
Practice without licensePenalties.
Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
Military training or experience.
Funeral and cemetery account.
Severability1937 c 108.
Severability1982 c 66.
Burial and removal permits: RCW 70.58.230.
Cemeteries, morgues and human remains: Title 68 RCW.
Disposal of remains prohibited unless accompanied by proper permit: RCW 70.58.260.
Prearrangement contracts for cemeteries: Chapter 68.46 RCW.
Undertaker must file death certificate: RCW 70.58.240.