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Chapter 18.39 RCW


RCW Sections

18.39.020License required.
18.39.035Applicant for license as funeral director or embalmer -- Eligibility.
18.39.045College course requirements.
18.39.050Application -- Renewal -- Fees.
18.39.070Examinations -- Applications -- Notice -- Passing grades -- Retake of examination.
18.39.100License -- Form -- Restrictions.
18.39.120Interns -- Registration -- Renewal -- Notice of termination -- Fees.
18.39.125Academic interns.
18.39.130Licenses -- Applicants from other states -- Examination.
18.39.145Funeral establishment license -- Issuance -- Requirements -- Transferability -- Expiration.
18.39.150License lapse -- Reinstatement -- Fee -- Reexamination.
18.39.170Inspector of funeral establishments, crematories, directors, and embalmers -- Appointment -- Eligibility -- Term -- Powers and duties.
18.39.173Funeral and cemetery board -- Membership -- Appointment -- Qualifications -- Terms -- Vacancies -- Officers -- Quorum.
18.39.175Board -- Duties and responsibilities -- Rules.
18.39.181Powers and duties of director.
18.39.195Pricing information to be given -- Billing "cash advanced" items.
18.39.215Embalmers -- Authorization to embalm -- Information required -- Immediate care of body -- Waiver -- Penalty.
18.39.217License or endorsement required for cremation -- Penalty.
18.39.220Unlawful business practices -- Penalty.
18.39.231Prohibited advice and transactions -- Exceptions -- Rules -- Penalty.
18.39.240Prearrangement funeral service contracts -- License required.
18.39.250Prearrangement contracts -- Trusts -- Refunds.
18.39.255Prearrangement contracts -- Insurance funded -- Requirements.
18.39.260Prearrangement contracts -- Certificates of registration required -- Exception.
18.39.270Prearrangement contracts -- Registration qualifications.
18.39.280Prearrangement contracts -- Application for registration.
18.39.290Prearrangement contracts -- Registration -- Renewal -- Fees -- Disposition.
18.39.300Grounds for disciplinary action.
18.39.320Prearrangement contracts -- Annual financial statement -- Failure to file.
18.39.330Prearrangement contract forms -- Approval required -- Grounds for disapproval.
18.39.345Prearrangement trust -- Examination by board.
18.39.350Violations -- Penalty -- Consumer protection -- Retail installment contracts.
18.39.360Fraternal or benevolent organizations and labor unions excepted.
18.39.370Prearrangement service contracts -- Abandoned trusts.
18.39.410Unprofessional conduct.
18.39.420Complaint to board -- Submittal -- Determination -- Investigation -- Immunity of complainant.
18.39.450Findings of fact -- Order -- Notice -- Report.
18.39.465License suspension -- Nonpayment or default on educational loan or scholarship.
18.39.467License suspension -- Noncompliance with support order -- Reissuance.
18.39.525Certificates of removal registration.
18.39.530Practice without license -- Penalties.
18.39.560Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
18.39.570Military training or experience.
18.39.810Funeral and cemetery account.
18.39.900Severability -- 1937 c 108.
18.39.901Severability -- 1982 c 66.

Burial and removal permits: RCW 70.58.230.

Cemeteries, morgues and human remains: Title 68 RCW.

Disposal of remains prohibited unless accompanied by proper permit: RCW 70.58.260.

Prearrangement contracts for cemeteries: Chapter 68.46 RCW.

Undertaker must file death certificate: RCW 70.58.240.