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RCW 18.32.190

Licenses display—Notification of address.

Every person who engages in the practice of dentistry in this state shall cause his or her license to be, at all times, displayed in a conspicuous place, in his or her office wherein he or she shall practice such profession, and shall further, whenever requested, exhibit such license to any of the members of the commission, or its authorized agent, and to the secretary or his or her authorized agent. Every licensee shall notify the secretary of the address or addresses, and of every change thereof, where the licensee shall engage in the practice of dentistry.
[1994 sp.s. c 9 § 217; 1991 c 3 § 68; 1981 c 277 § 7; 1935 c 112 § 7; RRS § 10031-7. Prior: 1923 c 16 § 15; 1893 c 55 § 5.]