Chapter 18.19 RCW


RCW Sections

18.19.010Legislative findings -- Insurance benefits not mandated.
18.19.030Registration required -- Counselors.
18.19.031Registered counselor credentials -- Limitation on issuance.
18.19.035Registration required -- Hypnotherapists.
18.19.050Powers of secretary -- Application of uniform disciplinary act -- Public education program.
18.19.060Information disclosure to clients.
18.19.080Official records.
18.19.090Application for credentials -- Contents -- Form -- Requirements.
18.19.100Renewal of credentials.
18.19.180Confidential communications.
18.19.190Other professions not affected.
18.19.200Scope of practice -- Certified counselors and certified advisors.
18.19.210Agency affiliated counselors -- Employment status -- Duty to notify department.
18.19.220Certified counselors and hypnotherapist advisory committee.
18.19.900Short title.
18.19.901Severability -- 1987 c 512.
18.19.902Registered counselor credential abolished.