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Chapter 18.185 RCW


RCW Sections

18.185.005Declaration, intent, construction.
18.185.015Cost of administration -- Fees.
18.185.020Agent license requirements.
18.185.030Agency license requirements.
18.185.040License applications.
18.185.050License cards, certificates -- Advertising -- Notice of changes.
18.185.055License suspension -- Nonpayment or default on educational loan or scholarship.
18.185.056License suspension -- Electronic benefit cards.
18.185.057License suspension -- Noncompliance with support order -- Reissuance.
18.185.060Prelicensing training and continuing education requirements.
18.185.080Relation of this chapter to local regulation, taxation.
18.185.090Notice concerning agent's status--Forced entry -- Discharge of firearm.
18.185.100Records -- Finances -- Disposition of security.
18.185.110Unprofessional conduct.
18.185.120Director's powers.
18.185.140Statement of charges -- Notice.
18.185.170Unlicensed activity -- Criminal penalties.
18.185.200Application of Administrative Procedure Act.
18.185.210Application of Consumer Protection Act.
18.185.220Branch office -- Qualified bail bond agent as manager.
18.185.230License required for branch office.
18.185.240Uniform regulation of business and professions act.
18.185.250Bail bond recovery agent license--Requirements.
18.185.260Bail bond recovery agents--Prelicense training/testing requirements--Continuing education requirements--Rules.
18.185.270Bail bond agent/bail bond recovery agent--Each fugitive an individual contract--Format of contract.
18.185.280Bail bond recovery agent, generally.
18.185.290Out-of-state bail bond recovery agent.
18.185.300Bail bond recovery agent -- Planned forced entry -- Requirements.
18.185.310Military training or experience.
18.185.900Severability -- 1993 c 260.
18.185.901Effective date -- 1993 c 260.