Chapter 18.135 RCW


RCW Sections

18.135.010Practices authorized.
18.135.025Rules -- Legislative intent.
18.135.030Health care assistant profession -- Duties -- Requirements for certification -- Rules.
18.135.035Requirements for certification -- Military training or experience.
18.135.040Certification of health care assistants.
18.135.050Certification by health care facility or practitioner -- Roster -- Recertification.
18.135.055Registering an initial or continuing certification -- Fees.
18.135.060Conditions for performing authorized functions -- Renal dialysis.
18.135.062Renal dialysis training task force -- Development of core competencies.
18.135.065Delegation -- Duties of delegator and delegatee.
18.135.070Complaints -- Violations -- Investigations -- Disciplinary action.
18.135.090Performance of authorized functions.
18.135.100Uniform Disciplinary Act.
18.135.110Blood-drawing procedures -- Not prohibited by chapter -- Requirements.
18.135.120Administration of vaccines -- Restrictions.