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RCW 18.108.230

Animal massage practitioner—Endorsement—Training requirements—Rules.

*** CHANGE IN 2016 *** (SEE 2425-S.SL) ***

(1) A massage practitioner licensed under this chapter may apply for an endorsement as a small or large animal massage practitioner upon completion of one hundred hours of training in either large or small animal massage. Training must include animal massage techniques, kinesiology, anatomy, physiology, first aid care, and proper handling techniques.
(2) An applicant who applies for an endorsement within the first year following July 22, 2001, may submit documentation of a minimum of fifty hours of training with up to fifty hours of practical experience or continuing education, or a combination thereof, to fulfill the requirements of this section.
(3) Massage therapy of animals does not include diagnosis, prognosis, or all treatment of diseases, deformities, defects, wounds, or injuries of animals. For the purposes of this section, massage for therapeutic purposes may be performed solely for purposes of patient well-being.
(4) A person licensed and endorsed under this section may hold themselves out as an animal massage practitioner.
(5) The board may adopt rules to implement this section upon consultation with the Washington state veterinary board of governors and licensed massage practitioners with training in animal massage.
FindingsIntent2001 c 297: See note following RCW 18.108.010.