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Chapter 18.108 RCW


RCW Sections

18.108.005Intent -- Health care insurance not affected.
18.108.020Board of massage -- Generally.
18.108.025Board powers and duties.
18.108.030Licensure or certification required.
18.108.040Advertising--Use of title.
18.108.045Display of license or certification.
18.108.060Applicant -- License or certificate holder -- Compliance with procedures, requirements, fees.
18.108.070Qualifications for licensure or certification.
18.108.073Massage practitioner examination.
18.108.074Reflexology examination.
18.108.085Powers and duties of secretary -- Uniform Disciplinary Act -- License or certificate revocation -- Reinstatement.
18.108.095Out-of-state massage practitioner applicants.
18.108.115Persons licensed under prior law.
18.108.125Inactive credential -- Reinstatement.
18.108.131Exemptions -- Reflexology.
18.108.190Inspection of premises by law enforcement personnel.
18.108.195Inspection of premises by secretary.
18.108.210Authority of local political subdivisions.
18.108.220Federal classification.
18.108.230Animal massage practitioner -- Endorsement -- Training requirements -- Rules.
18.108.240Chapter 277, Laws of 2002 -- Review/regulatory changes.
18.108.250Intraoral massage -- Endorsement.
18.108.900Severability -- 1975 1st ex.s. c 280.
18.108.901Severability -- 1987 c 443.
18.108.902Savings -- 1987 c 443.

Authority to regulate massage practitioners -- Limitations: RCW 35.21.692, 35A.82.025, and 36.32.122.