Chapter 17.28 RCW


RCW Sections

17.28.020Districts may be organized in counties -- Petition, presentment, signatures.
17.28.030Petition method -- Description of boundaries -- Verification of signatures -- Resolution to include city.
17.28.040Petition method -- Publication of petition and notice of meeting.
17.28.050Resolution method.
17.28.060Hearing -- Defective petition -- Establishment of boundaries.
17.28.070Procedure to include other territory.
17.28.080Determination of public necessity and compliance with chapter.
17.28.090Declaration establishing and naming district -- Election to form district -- Establishment of district.
17.28.100Election on proposition to levy tax.
17.28.110Board of trustees -- Composition.
17.28.120Board of trustees -- Name of board -- Qualification of members.
17.28.130Board of trustees -- Terms -- Vacancies.
17.28.140Board of trustees -- Organization -- Officers -- Compensation -- Expenses.
17.28.150Board of trustees -- Meetings -- Rules -- Quorum.
17.28.160Powers of district.
17.28.170Mosquito breeding places declared public nuisance -- Abatement.
17.28.175Control of mosquitos -- Declaration that owner is responsible.
17.28.185Control of mosquitos -- Noncompliance by landowner with regulations.
17.28.250Interference with entry or work of district -- Penalty.
17.28.251Borrowing money or issuing warrants in anticipation of revenue.
17.28.252Excess levy authorized.
17.28.253District boundaries for tax purposes.
17.28.254Abatement, extermination declared necessity and benefit to land.
17.28.255Classification of property -- Assessments.
17.28.256Assessments -- Roll, hearings, notices, objections, appeal, etc.
17.28.257Assessments -- Payment, lien, delinquencies, foreclosure, etc.
17.28.258County treasurer -- Duties.
17.28.260General obligation bonds -- Excess property tax levies.
17.28.270Collection, disposition, of revenue -- Depository.
17.28.280Withdrawal of funds.
17.28.290Matching funds.
17.28.300Expenses of special elections.
17.28.310Annual certification of assessed valuation.
17.28.320Annexation of territory authorized -- Consent by city.
17.28.330Annexation of territory authorized -- Petition -- Hearing -- Boundaries.
17.28.340Annexation of territory authorized -- Order of annexation -- Election.
17.28.350Annexation of territory authorized -- Filing of order -- Composition of board.
17.28.360Consolidation of districts -- Initial proceedings.
17.28.370Consolidation of districts -- Concurrent resolution.
17.28.380Consolidation of districts -- Election.
17.28.390Consolidation of districts -- Order of consolidation.
17.28.400Consolidation of districts -- Composition of board.
17.28.410Consolidation of districts -- Powers of consolidated district -- Indebtedness of former districts.
17.28.420Dissolution -- Election.
17.28.430Dissolution -- Result of election to be certified -- Certificate of dissolution.
17.28.440Dissolution -- Disposition of property.
17.28.450Dissolution -- Collection of taxes to discharge indebtedness.
17.28.900Severability -- 1957 c 153.

Special purpose districts, expenditures to recruit job candidates: RCW 42.24.170.