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Chapter 16.68 RCW


RCW Sections

16.68.030Sale, gift, or conveyance prohibited -- Exceptions.
16.68.040License required of rendering plants and independent collectors.
16.68.050Rendering plant license fee.
16.68.060Independent collector license fee.
16.68.070Substation or places of transfer license fee.
16.68.080Expiration of license -- Revocation.
16.68.090Applications for license.
16.68.100Procedure upon application -- Inspection of premises.
16.68.110Duty of licensees as to premises.
16.68.120Duty of licensees -- Standards.
16.68.130Right of access to premises and records.
16.68.140Unlawful possession of horse meat -- Exceptions.
16.68.150Feeding of carcasses to swine unlawful -- Exception.
16.68.160Disposition of fees.
16.68.170Rules and regulations.
16.68.180Penalty for violations.
16.68.190Bait for trapping purposes -- Exception.