Chapter 16.67 RCW


RCW Sections

16.67.010Short title.
16.67.035Regulating beef and beef products -- Existing comprehensive scheme -- Laws applicable.
16.67.040Beef commission created -- Generally.
16.67.051Designation of positions -- Terms.
16.67.060Director to appoint members -- Recommendations by industry.
16.67.070Vacancies -- Compensation and travel expenses.
16.67.080Commission records as evidence.
16.67.090Powers and duties -- Rule making.
16.67.091Commission's plans, programs, and projects -- Director's approval required.
16.67.095Commission speaks for state -- Director's oversight.
16.67.097Reimbursement for costs.
16.67.100Meetings -- Notice.
16.67.110Promotional programs, research, rate studies, labeling.
16.67.120Levy of assessment -- Collections -- Federal orders.
16.67.122Additional assessment -- National beef promotion and research program -- Contingency.
16.67.123Transfer of cattle by meat packer as sale.
16.67.130Assessments personal debt -- Delinquent charge -- Civil action to collect.
16.67.140Livestock purchasers to provide list of sellers to commission.
16.67.160Liability of commission's assets -- Immunity of state, commission employees, etc.
16.67.180Certain records exempt from public disclosure -- Exceptions -- Actions not prohibited by chapter.
16.67.190Funding staff support -- Rules.
16.67.195Costs of implementing RCW 16.67.091.
16.67.900Liberal construction -- 1969 c 133.
16.67.910Severability -- 1969 c 133.
16.67.920Effective date -- 1969 c 133.