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Chapter 15.66 RCW

(Formerly Washington agricultural enabling act of 1955 — Commodity commissions)

RCW Sections

15.66.015Regulating agricultural commodities -- Existing comprehensive scheme.
15.66.017Regulating agricultural commodities -- Laws applicable.
15.66.023Commission may establish foundation.
15.66.030Marketing orders authorized -- Purposes.
15.66.040Prerequisites to marketing orders -- Director's duties.
15.66.050Petition for marketing order -- Deposit to defray department's expenses -- Circumstances requiring reimbursement.
15.66.053Proceedings subject to administrative procedure act -- Exemptions.
15.66.055Director's duties and responsibilities -- Rules.
15.66.060Lists of affected parties -- Notice -- Use of lists.
15.66.070Petitions for marketing orders -- Public hearing -- Legal notice.
15.66.080Findings, conclusions, and recommended decision of the director -- Notification -- Final decision.
15.66.090After final decision -- Assent of affected parties determined by referendum.
15.66.093Suspension of marketing order upon request of commodity commission.
15.66.097Issuing, amending, or terminating a marketing order -- Limitation on public hearings or referendums.
15.66.100Contents of marketing order.
15.66.105Certain records exempt from public disclosure -- Exemptions -- Actions not prohibited by chapter.
15.66.110Commodity commission -- Composition -- Terms.
15.66.113When director appoints majority of the commission -- Nominations -- Advisory vote -- Notice -- Director selects either of two candidates receiving the most votes.
15.66.120Commodity commission -- Nominations -- Elections -- Vacancies.
15.66.123After any vote, referendum, nomination, or election -- Affected parties provided results -- Disputes.
15.66.130Commodity commission -- Meetings -- Quorum -- Compensation -- Travel expenses for members and employees.
15.66.140Commodity commission -- Powers and duties.
15.66.141Commission's plans, programs, and projects -- Director's approval required.
15.66.142Commission speaks for state -- Director's oversight.
15.66.143Lists of all affected producers and handlers -- Affected parties responsible for accuracy -- Use of lists.
15.66.145Members may belong to association with same objectives -- Contracts with associations authorized.
15.66.150Annual assessments -- Rate -- Collection.
15.66.153Promotional hosting expenditures -- Rules.
15.66.157When commodity commission is terminated -- Duties of affected commodity commission.
15.66.160Annual assessments -- Disposition of revenue.
15.66.170Annual assessments -- Payments -- Civil action to enforce.
15.66.180Expenditure of funds collected.
15.66.185Investment of agricultural commodity commission funds in savings or time deposits of banks, trust companies, and mutual savings banks.
15.66.190Official bonds required.
15.66.200Petition for modification or exemption -- Hearing -- Appeal from ruling.
15.66.210Unlawful acts -- Penalties -- Injunctions -- Investigations.
15.66.220Compliance with chapter a defense in any action.
15.66.230Liability of commission, state, etc.
15.66.240Marketing agreements.
15.66.245Marketing agreement or order -- Authority for participation in proceedings concerning regulation of pesticides or agricultural chemicals.
15.66.250Price fixing and product limiting prohibited.
15.66.260Costs of conducting nominations and elections -- Reimbursement.
15.66.263Costs of implementing RCW 15.66.141.
15.66.270Exempt commissions -- Marketing agreements and orders.
15.66.275Applicability of chapter to state agencies or other governmental units.
15.66.280Restrictive provisions of chapter 43.78 RCW not applicable to promotional printing and literature of commissions.
15.66.900Short title.
15.66.901Severability -- 2004 c 99.

Agricultural processing and marketing associations: Chapter 24.34 RCW.

Investment of agricultural commodity commission funds in savings or time deposits of banks, trust companies and mutual savings banks: RCW 15.66.185.