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Chapter 15.49 RCW

(Formerly Washington state seed act)

RCW Sections

15.49.005Purpose -- Rules.
15.49.021Standards and label requirements -- Rules.
15.49.031Labels -- Required information.
15.49.041Violations -- Civil penalty.
15.49.051Unlawful practices.
15.49.071Damages -- Arbitration prerequisite to legal action.
15.49.081Arbitration -- Filing fee -- Rules.
15.49.091Arbitration -- Procedure.
15.49.101Investigation of complaint by arbitration committee.
15.49.111Arbitration committee -- Creation -- Generally.
15.49.310Department to administer chapter -- Rules and regulations -- Guidance of federal seed act.
15.49.330Screenings -- Removal required -- Disposition.
15.49.350Permit to condition certified seed.
15.49.360Records -- Maintenance -- Availability of records and samples for inspection.
15.49.370Department's enforcement authority.
15.49.380Dealer's license to distribute seeds.
15.49.390Renewal of dealer's license.
15.49.400Seed labeling permit.
15.49.410"Stop sale, use or removal orders" -- Seizure -- Condemnation.
15.49.420Damages precluded.
15.49.470Moneys, disposition -- Fees, fines, penalties and forfeitures of district courts, remittance.
15.49.480Cooperation and agreements with other agencies.
15.49.900Existing liabilities not affected.
15.49.920Effective date -- 1969 c 63.
15.49.930Continuation of rules adopted pursuant to repealed sections -- Adoption, amendment or repeal.
15.49.940Short title.
15.49.950Severability -- 1969 c 63.