Chapter 15.04 RCW


RCW Sections

15.04.090Lease of unnecessary lands to nonprofit groups -- Funds.
15.04.110Control of predatory birds.
15.04.120Control of predatory birds -- Expenditures and contracts.
15.04.150Berry harvesting by youthful workers -- Legislative finding.
15.04.160Berry harvesting by youthful workers -- Authorized -- Restrictions.
15.04.200Agricultural development or trade promotion and promotional hosting -- Expenditures, approval by commodity commission -- Exemption from housing requirements.
15.04.300Guide to state and federal programs of assistance to farm families.
15.04.400Findings -- Department's duty to promote agriculture, protect public health and welfare.
15.04.402Department to advance private sector, economic well-being of agricultural industry.
15.04.410Declarations of "Washington state grown" -- Restrictions -- Violations unlawful -- Application of consumer protection act.
15.04.415Information on product country of origin -- Findings -- Use of placards.

Bacon, packaging at retail to reveal quality and leanness, director's duties: RCW 69.04.205 through 69.04.207.