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Chapter 14.08 RCW


RCW Sections

14.08.010Definition -- "Municipality."
14.08.020Airports a public purpose.
14.08.030Acquisition of property and easements -- Eminent domain -- Encroachments prohibited.
14.08.070Prior acquisition of airport property validated.
14.08.080Method of defraying cost.
14.08.090Issuance of bonds -- Security.
14.08.100Raising of funds and disposition of revenue.
14.08.112Revenue bonds authorized -- Purpose -- Special fund -- Redemption.
14.08.114Issuance of funding or refunding bonds authorized.
14.08.116Port district revenue bond financing powers not repealed or superseded.
14.08.118Revenue warrants authorized.
14.08.120Specific powers of municipalities operating airports.
14.08.122Adoption of regulations by airport operator for airport rental and use and collection of charges.
14.08.160Federal aid.
14.08.190Establishment of airports on waters and reclaimed land.
14.08.200Joint operations.
14.08.290County airport districts authorized.
14.08.300Governing body of district.
14.08.302Board of airport district commissioners -- Petition -- Order establishing.
14.08.304Board of airport district commissioners -- Members -- Election -- Terms -- Expenses.
14.08.310Assistance to other municipalities.
14.08.330Jurisdiction of municipality over airport and facilities exclusive -- Concurrent jurisdiction over adjacent territory -- Fire code enforcement by agreement.
14.08.340Interpretation and construction.
14.08.350Severability -- 1945 c 182.
14.08.360Short title.

Lease of property for airport purposes
   county property: RCW 36.34.180.
   port district property: RCW 53.08.080.

Municipal airports -- 1941 act: Chapter 14.07 RCW.