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Chapter 11.94 RCW


RCW Sections

11.94.010Designation -- Authority -- Effect of acts done -- Appointment of guardian, effect -- Accounting -- Reliance on instrument.
11.94.020Effect of death, disability, or incompetence of principal -- Acts without knowledge.
11.94.030Banking transactions.
11.94.040Liability for reliance on power of attorney document.
11.94.043Durable power of attorney -- Revocation or termination.
11.94.046Durable power of attorney -- Validity.
11.94.050Attorney or agent granted principal's powers -- Powers to be specifically provided for -- Transfer of resources by principal's attorney or agent.
11.94.060Conveyance or encumbrance of homestead.
11.94.070Limitations on powers to benefit attorneys-in-fact.
11.94.080Termination of marriage or state registered domestic partnership.
11.94.090Court petition.
11.94.100Persons allowed to file court petition.
11.94.110Ruling on court petition.
11.94.120Award of costs on court petition.
11.94.130Applicability of dispute resolution provisions to court petition.
11.94.140Notice of hearing on court petition.
11.94.150Mental health treatment decisions -- Compensation of agent prohibited -- Reimbursement of expenses allowed.
11.94.900Application of 1984 c 149 §§ 26-31 as of January 1, 1985.
11.94.901Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.