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Chapter 11.56 RCW


Authority to exchange.
Authority to sell, lease or mortgage.
Sale, lease or mortgage of personal property.
Sale, lease or mortgage of real estatePetitionNoticeHearing.
Order directing mortgage.
Order directing lease.
Order directing sale.
Public salesNotice.
Postponement, adjournment of saleNotice.
Private sales of realtyNoticeBids.
Minimum pricePrivate saleSale by negotiationReappraisement.
Confirmation of saleApprovalResale.
Offer of increased bidDuty of court.
Effect of confirmation.
Conveyance after confirmation of sale.
Sale of decedent's contract interest in land.
Assignment of decedent's contract.
Redemption of decedent's mortgaged estate.
Sale or mortgage to effect redemption.
Sale of mortgaged property if redemption inexpedient.
Sales directed by will.
Broker's fee and closing expensesSale, mortgage or lease.
Borrowing on general credit of estatePetitionNoticeHearing.
Limitation of actions, recovery of realty sold by executor or administrator: RCW 4.16.070.
Registered land, probate may direct sale or mortgage of: RCW 65.12.590.
Request for special notice of proceedings in probateProhibitions: RCW 11.28.240.
Sale of property to pay estate and transfer taxes: RCW 83.100.110.