Chapter 11.56 RCW


RCW Sections

11.56.005Authority to exchange.
11.56.010Authority to sell, lease or mortgage.
11.56.020Sale, lease or mortgage of personal property.
11.56.030Sale, lease or mortgage of real estate -- Petition -- Notice -- Hearing.
11.56.040Order directing mortgage.
11.56.045Order directing lease.
11.56.050Order directing sale.
11.56.060Public sales -- Notice.
11.56.070Postponement, adjournment of sale -- Notice.
11.56.080Private sales of realty -- Notice -- Bids.
11.56.090Minimum price -- Private sale -- Sale by negotiation -- Reappraisement.
11.56.100Confirmation of sale -- Approval -- Resale.
11.56.110Offer of increased bid -- Duty of court.
11.56.115Effect of confirmation.
11.56.120Conveyance after confirmation of sale.
11.56.180Sale of decedent's contract interest in land.
11.56.210Assignment of decedent's contract.
11.56.220Redemption of decedent's mortgaged estate.
11.56.230Sale or mortgage to effect redemption.
11.56.240Sale of mortgaged property if redemption inexpedient.
11.56.250Sales directed by will.
11.56.265Broker's fee and closing expenses -- Sale, mortgage or lease.
11.56.280Borrowing on general credit of estate -- Petition -- Notice -- Hearing.

Limitation of actions, recovery of realty sold by executor or administrator: RCW 4.16.070.

Registered land, probate may direct sale or mortgage of: RCW 65.12.590.

Request for special notice of proceedings in probate -- Prohibitions: RCW 11.28.240.

Sale of property to pay estate and transfer taxes: RCW 83.100.110.