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Chapter 11.42 RCW


RCW Sections

11.42.010Notice agent -- Qualifications.
11.42.020Notice to creditors -- Manner -- Filings -- Publication.
11.42.030Notice to creditors -- Form.
11.42.040"Reasonably ascertainable" creditor -- Definition -- Reasonable diligence -- Presumptions -- Petition for order.
11.42.050Claims against decedent -- Time limits.
11.42.060Claims involving liability or casualty insurance -- Limitations -- Exceptions to time limits.
11.42.070Claims -- Form -- Manner of presentation -- Waiver of defects.
11.42.080Claims -- Duty to allow or reject -- Notice of petition to allow -- Attorneys' fees.
11.42.085Property liable for claims -- Payment limits.
11.42.090Allowance of claims -- Notice -- Payment order.
11.42.100Rejection of claim -- Time limits -- Notice -- Time limit for suit -- Compromise of claim.
11.42.110Effect of judgment against notice agent.
11.42.120Execution barred upon decedent's death -- Presentation -- Sale of property.
11.42.125Secured claim -- Creditor's right.
11.42.130Claim of notice agent or beneficiary -- Payment.
11.42.140Notice to creditors when notice agent resigns, dies, or is removed -- Limit tolled by vacancy.
11.42.150Appointment of personal representative -- Cessation of notice agent powers and authority -- Notice not affected -- Personal representative's powers -- Petition for reimbursement for allowance and payment of claims by notice agent.
11.42.900Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.