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Chapter 11.04 RCW


RCW Sections

11.04.015Descent and distribution of real and personal estate.
11.04.035Kindred of the half blood.
11.04.060Tenancy in dower and by curtesy abolished.
11.04.071Survivorship as incident of tenancy by the entireties abolished.
11.04.081Inheritance by and from any child not dependent upon marriage of parents.
11.04.085Inheritance by adopted child.
11.04.095Inheritance from stepparent avoids escheat.
11.04.230United States savings bond -- Effect of death of co-owner.
11.04.240United States savings bond -- Effect of beneficiary's survival of registered owner.
11.04.250When real estate vests -- Rights of heirs.
11.04.290Vesting of title.

Inheritance rights of slayers or abusers: Chapter 11.84 RCW.