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Chapter 10.88 RCW


RCW Sections

10.88.210Authority of governor.
10.88.220Demand for extradition -- Requirements.
10.88.230Investigation of demand -- Report.
10.88.240Return or surrender of person charged in another state.
10.88.250Surrender of person charged with crime committed in state other than demanding state.
10.88.260Warrant of arrest.
10.88.270Authority of officer or other person under warrant.
10.88.280Authority to command assistance.
10.88.290Rights of person arrested.
10.88.300Delivery of person in violation of RCW 10.88.290 -- Penalty.
10.88.310Confinement of prisoner.
10.88.320Charge or complaint -- Warrant of arrest.
10.88.330Arrest without warrant.
10.88.340Preliminary examination -- Commitment.
10.88.360Failure to make timely arrest or demand for extradition.
10.88.370Failure to appear -- Bond forfeiture -- Arrest -- Recovery on bond.
10.88.380Pending criminal prosecution in this state.
10.88.390Recall or reissuance of warrant.
10.88.400Demand by governor of this state for extradition -- Warrant -- Agent.
10.88.410Application for requisition for return of person -- Contents -- Affidavits -- Copies.
10.88.415Delivery without governor's warrant.
10.88.420Civil process -- Service on extradited person.
10.88.430Waiver of extradition.
10.88.440Rights, powers, privileges or jurisdiction of state not waived.
10.88.450Trial for other crimes.
10.88.460Extradition or surrender of obligor -- Uniform interstate family support act.
10.88.900Construction -- 1971 ex.s. c 46.
10.88.910Short title.
10.88.920Effective date -- 1971 ex.s. c 46.
10.88.930Severability -- 1971 ex.s. c 46.

Fugitives of this state: Chapter 10.34 RCW.

Interstate compact on juveniles: Chapter 13.24 RCW.

Return of parole violators from another state: RCW 9.95.280 through 9.95.300.