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Chapter 9.72 RCW


Committal of witnessDetention of documents.
Banks and trust companies
false swearing in bank or trust company examinations: RCW 30A.04.060.
knowingly subscribing to false statement: RCW 30A.12.090.
falsification by voter: Chapter 29A.84 RCW.
initiative and referendum petition signer, false statement: RCW 29A.84.230.
recall petition signer, false statement: RCW 29A.84.240.
voting by mail, falsification of qualifications: RCW 29A.84.680.
Land registration falsification: RCW 65.12.740.
Marriage affidavit falsification: RCW 26.04.210.
Perjury and interference with official proceedings: Chapter 9A.72 RCW.
Public assistance, falsification of application: RCW 74.08.055.
Sufficiency of indictment or information charging perjury: RCW 10.37.140.
Taxation, false property listing: RCW 84.40.120.