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RCW 82.36.060

Application for license—Federal certificate of registry—Investigation—Fee—Penalty for false statement—Bond or security—Cancellation. (Effective until July 1, 2016.)

(1) An application for a license issued under this chapter shall be made to the department on forms to be furnished by the department and shall contain such information as the department deems necessary.
(2) Every application for a license must contain the following information to the extent it applies to the applicant:
(a) Proof as the department may require concerning the applicant's identity, including but not limited to his or her fingerprints or those of the officers of a corporation making the application;
(b) The applicant's form and place of organization including proof that the individual, partnership, or corporation is licensed to do business in this state;
(c) The qualification and business history of the applicant and any partner, officer, or director;
(d) The applicant's financial condition or history including a bank reference and whether the applicant or any partner, officer, or director has ever been adjudged bankrupt or has an unsatisfied judgment in a federal or state court;
(e) Whether the applicant has been adjudged guilty of a crime that directly relates to the business for which the license is sought and the time elapsed since the conviction is less than ten years, or has suffered a judgment within the preceding five years in a civil action involving fraud, misrepresentation, or conversion and in the case of a corporation or partnership, all directors, officers, or partners.
(3) An applicant for a license as a motor vehicle fuel importer must list on the application each state, province, or country from which the applicant intends to import motor vehicle fuel and, if required by the state, province, or country listed, must be licensed or registered for motor vehicle fuel tax purposes in that state, province, or country.
(4) An applicant for a license as a motor vehicle fuel exporter must list on the application each state, province, or country to which the exporter intends to export motor vehicle fuel received in this state by means of a transfer outside of the bulk transfer-terminal system and, if required by the state, province, or country listed, must be licensed or registered for motor vehicle fuel tax purposes in that state, province, or country.
(5) An applicant for a license as a motor vehicle fuel supplier must have a federal certificate of registry that is issued under the internal revenue code and authorizes the applicant to enter into federal tax-free transactions on motor vehicle fuel in the terminal transfer system.
(6) After receipt of an application for a license, the director may conduct an investigation to determine whether the facts set forth are true. The director shall require a fingerprint record check of the applicant through the Washington state patrol criminal identification system and the federal bureau of investigation before issuance of a license. The results of the background investigation including criminal history information may be released to authorized department personnel as the director deems necessary. The department shall charge a license holder or license applicant a fee of fifty dollars for each background investigation conducted.
An applicant who makes a false statement of a material fact on the application may be prosecuted for false swearing as defined by RCW 9A.72.040.
(7) Except as provided by subsection (8) of this section, before granting any license issued under this chapter, the department shall require applicant to file with the department, in such form as shall be prescribed by the department, a corporate surety bond duly executed by the applicant as principal, payable to the state and conditioned for faithful performance of all the requirements of this chapter, including the payment of all taxes, penalties, and other obligations arising out of this chapter. The total amount of the bond or bonds shall be fixed by the department and may be increased or reduced by the department at any time subject to the limitations herein provided. In fixing the total amount of the bond or bonds, the department shall require a bond or bonds equivalent in total amount to twice the estimated monthly excise tax determined in such manner as the department may deem proper. If at any time the estimated excise tax to become due during the succeeding month amounts to more than fifty percent of the established bond, the department shall require additional bonds or securities to maintain the marginal ratio herein specified or shall demand excise tax payments to be made weekly or semimonthly to meet the requirements hereof.
The total amount of the bond or bonds required of any licensee shall never be less than five thousand dollars nor more than one hundred thousand dollars.
No recoveries on any bond or the execution of any new bond shall invalidate any bond and no revocation of any license shall effect the validity of any bond but the total recoveries under any one bond shall not exceed the amount of the bond.
In lieu of any such bond or bonds in total amount as herein fixed, a licensee may deposit with the state treasurer, under such terms and conditions as the department may prescribe, a like amount of lawful money of the United States or bonds or other obligations of the United States, the state, or any county of the state, of an actual market value not less than the amount so fixed by the department.
Any surety on a bond furnished by a licensee as provided herein shall be released and discharged from any and all liability to the state accruing on such bond after the expiration of thirty days from the date upon which such surety has lodged with the department a written request to be released and discharged, but this provision shall not operate to relieve, release, or discharge the surety from any liability already accrued or which shall accrue before the expiration of the thirty day period. The department shall promptly, upon receiving any such request, notify the licensee who furnished the bond; and unless the licensee, on or before the expiration of the thirty day period, files a new bond, or makes a deposit in accordance with the requirements of this section, the department shall forthwith cancel the license. Whenever a new bond is furnished by a licensee, the department shall cancel the old bond as soon as the department and the attorney general are satisfied that all liability under the old bond has been fully discharged.
The department may require a licensee to give a new or additional surety bond or to deposit additional securities of the character specified in this section if, in its opinion, the security of the surety bond theretofore filed by such licensee, or the market value of the properties deposited as security by the licensee, shall become impaired or inadequate; and upon the failure of the licensee to give such new or additional surety bond or to deposit additional securities within thirty days after being requested so to do by the department, the department shall forthwith cancel his or her license.
(8) The department may waive the requirements of subsection (7) of this section for licensed distributors if, upon determination by the department, the licensed distributor has sufficient resources, assets, other financial instruments, or other means, to adequately make payments on the estimated monthly motor vehicle fuel tax payments, penalties, and interest arising out of this chapter. The department shall adopt rules to administer this subsection. An application for an international fuel tax agreement license must be made to the department. The application must be filed upon a form prescribed by the department and contain such information as the department may require. The department shall charge a fee of ten dollars per set of international fuel tax agreement decals issued to each applicant or licensee. The department shall transmit the fee to the state treasurer for deposit in the motor vehicle fund.
SeverabilityEffective date2007 c 515: See notes following RCW 82.36.010.