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Chapter 42.52 RCW


RCW Sections

42.52.020Activities incompatible with public duties.
42.52.030Financial interests in transactions.
42.52.040Assisting in transactions.
42.52.050Confidential information -- Improperly concealed records.
42.52.060Testimony of state officers and state employees.
42.52.070Special privileges.
42.52.080Employment after public service.
42.52.090Limited assistance by former state officers and employees.
42.52.100Conditions on appearance before state agencies or doing business with the state -- Hearing -- Judicial review.
42.52.110Compensation for official duties or nonperformance.
42.52.120Compensation for outside activities.
42.52.150Limitations on gifts.
42.52.160Use of persons, money, or property for private gain.
42.52.170Giving, paying, loaning, etc., any thing of economic value to state employee.
42.52.180Use of public resources for political campaigns.
42.52.185Restrictions on mailings by legislators.
42.52.200Agency rules.
42.52.220Universities -- Administrative processes.
42.52.310Legislative ethics board.
42.52.320Authority of legislative ethics board.
42.52.340Transfer of jurisdiction.
42.52.350Executive ethics board.
42.52.360Authority of executive ethics board.
42.52.365Executive branch agencies -- Ethics advisors -- Ethics training.
42.52.370Authority of commission on judicial conduct.
42.52.380Political activities of board members.
42.52.390Hearing and subpoena authority.
42.52.400Enforcement of subpoena authority.
42.52.410Filing complaint--Whistleblower protection--Penalty for reprisal or retaliation.
42.52.425Dismissal of complaint.
42.52.430Public hearing -- Findings.
42.52.440Review of order.
42.52.450Complaint against legislator or statewide elected official.
42.52.460Citizen actions.
42.52.470Referral for enforcement.
42.52.480Action by boards.
42.52.490Action by attorney general.
42.52.500Optional hearings by administrative law judge.
42.52.510Rescission of state action.
42.52.520Disciplinary action.
42.52.530Additional investigative authority.
42.52.540Limitations period.
42.52.550Compensation of ethics boards.
42.52.560Communications from an employee organization or charitable organization -- Distribution by state employee.
42.52.570Private business activity policy -- Department of fish and wildlife -- Parks and recreation commission.
42.52.575Information about scholarship opportunities.
42.52.800Exemptions -- Solicitation for state capitol historic furnishings and preservation and restoration of state legislative building.
42.52.801Exemption -- Solicitation to promote tourism.
42.52.802Exemption -- Solicitation for Washington state legacy project, state library, and archives account.
42.52.8021Exemption -- Solicitation for Washington state flag account.
42.52.8022Exemption -- Informational or educational meetings regarding legislative issues.
42.52.803Exemption -- Solicitation for legislative oral history account.
42.52.804Exemption -- Health profession board or commission -- Professional opinions.
42.52.805Solicitation for charitable activities of executive branch state employees -- Limitations -- Definitions.
42.52.810Solicitation for the legislative international trade account -- Report.
42.52.820Solicitation for hosting national legislative association conference.
42.52.900Legislative declaration.
42.52.901Liberal construction.
42.52.902Parts and captions not law -- 1994 c 154.
42.52.903Serving on board, committee, or commission not prevented.
42.52.904Effective date -- 1994 c 154.
42.52.905Severability -- 1994 c 154.
42.52.906Construction -- Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships -- 2009 c 521.