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Chapter 41.56 RCW


RCW Sections

41.56.010Declaration of purpose.
41.56.020Application of chapter.
41.56.021Application of chapter to employees of institutions of higher education -- Exceptions -- Limitations on bargaining.
41.56.022Application of chapter to University of Washington printing craft employees.
41.56.024Application of chapter to classified employees of technical colleges.
41.56.025Application of chapter to education providers under chapter 28A.193 RCW.
41.56.0251Application of chapter to charter schools.
41.56.026Application of chapter to individual providers under chapter 74.39A RCW.
41.56.027Application of chapter to passenger-only ferry employees.
41.56.028Application of chapter to family child care providers -- Governor as public employer -- Procedure -- Intent.
41.56.029Application of chapter to adult family home providers -- Governor as public employer -- Procedure -- Intent.
41.56.040Right of employees to organize and designate representatives without interference.
41.56.050Disagreement in selection of bargaining representative -- Disagreement as to merger of bargaining units -- Intervention by commission.
41.56.060Determination of bargaining unit -- Bargaining representative.
41.56.070Election to ascertain bargaining representative.
41.56.080Certification of bargaining representative -- Scope of representation.
41.56.090Rules and regulations.
41.56.100Authority and duty of employer to engage in collective bargaining -- Limitations -- Mediation, grievance procedures upon failure to agree.
41.56.110Dues -- Deduction from pay.
41.56.113Individual providers -- Family child care providers -- Adult family home providers -- Language access providers -- Deductions from payments for dues -- State is payor, not employer.
41.56.120Right to strike not granted.
41.56.122Collective bargaining agreements -- Authorized provisions.
41.56.123Collective bargaining agreements -- Effect of termination -- Application of section.
41.56.125Arbitrators -- Selection -- Additional method.
41.56.130Rules and regulations of Washington state personnel resources board -- Mandatory subjects.
41.56.140Unfair labor practices for public employer enumerated.
41.56.150Unfair labor practices for bargaining representative enumerated.
41.56.160Commission to prevent unfair labor practices and issue remedial orders and cease and desist orders.
41.56.165Applicability of administrative procedure act to commission action.
41.56.203University of Washington -- Certain employees enrolled in an academic program -- Scope of collective bargaining.
41.56.205Washington State University -- Certain employees enrolled in an academic program -- Scope of collective bargaining.
41.56.210Department to prevent unfair labor practices and issue remedial orders -- Application to state civil service employees.
41.56.220Right of employee representing bargaining unit to be absent from employment during legislative session -- Replacement.
41.56.230Rights of employees and bargaining representatives of school districts dissolved due to financial insolvency.
41.56.430Uniformed personnel -- Legislative declaration.
41.56.440Uniformed personnel -- Negotiations -- Declaration of an impasse -- Appointment of mediator.
41.56.450Uniformed personnel -- Interest arbitration panel -- Powers and duties -- Hearings -- Findings and determination.
41.56.452Interest arbitration panel a state agency.
41.56.465Uniformed personnel -- Interest arbitration panel -- Determinations -- Factors to be considered.
41.56.470Uniformed personnel -- Arbitration panel -- Rights of parties.
41.56.473Uniformed personnel -- Application of chapter to Washington state patrol -- Bargaining subjects.
41.56.475Uniformed personnel -- Application of chapter to Washington state patrol -- Mediation and arbitration.
41.56.480Uniformed personnel -- Refusal to submit to procedures -- Invoking jurisdiction of superior court -- Contempt.
41.56.490Uniformed employees -- Strikes prohibited -- Violations -- Contempt of court.
41.56.492Application of uniformed personnel collective bargaining provisions to employees of public passenger transportation systems -- Conditions.
41.56.496Commercial nuclear plants -- Application of chapter to certain employees.
41.56.500School district collective bargaining agreements -- Required action districts.
41.56.510Application of chapter to language access providers--Governor as public employer -- Procedure -- Intent.
41.56.513Application of chapter to certain postdoctoral and clinical university employees.
41.56.900Short title -- Effective date -- 1967 ex.s. c 108.
41.56.905Uniformed personnel -- Provisions additional -- Liberal construction.
41.56.906Construction of chapter -- Certain agreements subject to RCW 28A.400.320.
41.56.910Severability -- 1973 c 131.
41.56.911Part headings not law -- 2006 c 54.
41.56.912Severability -- 2006 c 54.
41.56.913Conflict with federal requirements -- 2006 c 54.
41.56.914Short title -- 2006 c 54.
41.56.915Effective date -- 2006 c 54.
41.56.950Retroactive date in collective bargaining agreements allowable, when.

     Reviser's note: Throughout chapter 41.56 RCW, the phrase "this act" has been changed to "this chapter." "This act" [1967 ex.s. c 108] is codified as this chapter and RCW 41.06.150.